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Our Mission is to satisfy our customers who seek unparalleled quality products and services for premium vehicles.

Wheel Enhancement (310) 836-8908


Wheel Enhancement. The recognized source for wheels and tires for Porsches

Celebrating Team Wheel Enhancement's Racing History




Nobody gives you more ways to get the look you want:

1. Purchase new Porsche Factory alloys.
2. Purchase like-new used or restored Porsche alloys from us.
3. Have us refinish your Factory alloys. We restore, anodize, polish and chrome plate.
4. Purchase our aftermarket wheels--we offer the very best, including HRE, Fikse, BBS, Dymag and Champion to name a few.
5. Exchange your straight, true Factory alloys for Factory alloys pre-finished the way you want.
6. Exchange your scratched/curb damaged Factory alloys for new or refinished Factory Alloys.
7. Trade in your straight, true Factory alloys for aftermarket or Factory wheels.

In 2006, Team Wheel Enhancement expanded our racing program throughout North America.

Our Grand-Am effort was led by Porsche Factory driver Patrick Long, who with co-driver Brent Martini, finished fourth overall for the season. With one overall victory and
7 top 10 finishes against a highly competitive field of BMW M3s, Ford Mustangs, Nissan 350Zs and Pontiac GTOs, the 2006 season proved to be both challenging and rewarding.


Wheel Enhancement has a lot of experience and the highest standards in the business. Call to discuss your needs with John Brown, Dave Martin or Alan Baylis, who each have more than 25 years experience with high performance tires and wheels.

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(310) 836-8908

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Some Comments from our Customers

Your service is an example of excellence

I’ve been in business for 20 years and currently own a 15 bay garage/60,000 sq ft retail store. We do $1 million in shop labour and $20 million in retail sales. I deal with many suppliers on a daily basis. We have morning meetings with our staff and one the topics that is covered every morning is customer service and how important it is.

I have to say, dealing with you and your company has been one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had with a company in many years. You dealt with me very quickly and with "no hassles". You exceeded my expectations. I will recommend your company every chance I get.

On next Monday’s meeting I will use your company as an example of what I mean when I’m talking about customer service.

Bruce S. 2003 Boxster

Excellent service

I recently ordered wheels and winter tires for my 2007 Boxster. The wheels are excellent, the price reasonable and the delivery time much quicker than I expected. Thank you for your excellent service.

Edward W. 2007 Boxster

I had a... GREAT experience

I bought 4 new wheels, tires, mounted, balanced ready to put on the car. Their advice on wheel widths and results of different wheels and spacers on handling was excellent. It was obvious to me that these folks know Porsches. Once I made my decision I got my tires and wheels in just 2 days... all I had to do was put them on the car and drive.

I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't have respect for the excellence of their service.

Loren C. 1999 C2 coupe


Meanwhile, in IMSA, Team Wheel Enhancement has been a strong contender since the inaugural GT3 Cup race in 2005. With our 997 GT3 Cup car, piloted by the talented Kevin Roush, we finished the season with 3 wins, giving Team Wheel Enhancement 6 wins out of a total of 12 races since the inception of the GT3 Cup Challenge series.

We’ve learned a lot by racing and put that knowledge to work every day as we wind up our 11th year of business at Wheel Enhancement. Contact us and let us share our expertise with you.



Praise .. for Wheel Enhancement

I just thought I'd share with you all how great these guys are. I bought a set of wheels and SO3's from them. I was going out of town for a few days after I ordered and they shipped so that they would arrive the day I did. [They came] perfectly packaged and balanced. I had them on in 30 minutes. They even matched Tire Rack's price on the SO3's. I packaged my old Turbo Looks right back in the boxes they shipped in and had UPS pick them up the same day. Couldn't have been easier.

By the way, the 285's look really great on the back of the car .

Joe C. 2001 C2 Coupe

Service demonstrated

I would like to report a very satisfactory and positive experience with your company. You can be sure I will add my name to the list of "word of mouth advertisers" for Wheel Enhancement.

This note is especially for the benefit of your salesman, who ably assisted me with the recent purchase of Gemballa wheels and Bridgestone S-03 tires on my Boxster S equipped (and lowered about 1") with H&R sport springs...

..definitely demonstrated customer SERVICE insofar as really listening to my concerns and taking the time to address them; it is much appreciated that when he said he'd "call right back", it was not just a platitude -- the prompt return call was with solid info, and he was not solely interested in making a sale -- having a satisfied customer was more important.

John L. 2000 Boxster S

Would not hesitate to buy... again

I visited Wheel Enhancement on a Saturday to purchase wheels and tires... While I was there they held several wheels next to my car so I could see how they would look. They were very patient and answered all my questions. I was very pleased with their service and attention to detail. I highly recommend Wheel Enhancement and would not hesitate to buy from them again."

Craig O. 2001 Boxster S

An endorsement for Wheel Enhancement

After deciding on Rossos or Sport Contact 2s, I called around to see if the Wheel Enhancement price ... was competitive. It was...
Bottom-line, my S was treated with the respect and care she deserves, and John, the owner, is a great guy. He could have sold me some spacers, but he recommended against it (not worth the cost), and even when I showed some serious interest in the new 18" Carrera wheel, he did not push me. He even said for me to wait, because this wheel will be available for Boxsters (without spacers) soon, and this was confirmed ... today.

I also drove 100 miles roundtrip, but it was worth it...

Elton A. 2000 Boxster S